It’s Valentine’s Day, a day to highlight the people and things you love in your life. Here at Halvor Logistics, we’ve got a team of experienced brokers who love matching our customers with carrier partners who will keep their freight moving. If you’re looking for a freight broker that can handle whatever you need moved, here are six reasons why we want you to give Halvor Logistics a try:

  1. You will always know where your freight is. Thanks to our use of industry-leading tracking technology, we can tell you the location of your shipment, from the minute your goods leave your freight warehouse until they are signed for by the receiver.
  2. No freight is foreign to us. We’ve been trusted to move everything from pharmaceuticals and designer-label cosmetics to high-end cabinetry and industrial machinery. We’ve even had the honor of moving the world’s largest rubber duck!
  3. We are careful about carrier selection. Every carrier we work with is required to submit a carrier agreement that includes proof of insurance, information on safety scores, and other key information that we use to verify the carrier’s suitability for our clients. Our brokers also conduct phone interviews with carriers prior to assigning them to loads to ensure everyone is on the same page regarding expectations for on-time delivery, safety, communication and more.
  4. Across town, across the country, or across the border, we’ll get your freight where it needs to go. Distance isn’t an issue for us. Whether you are moving goods ten miles or two thousand, with our network of over 5,000 carrier partners, we can find one that’s right for your project.
  5. One shipment or one hundred, we’re here to serve you. Thanks to our focus on safety, customer service and on-time delivery, we have many repeat customers. But we are equally proud of the many customers who have come to us for help with solo shipments or special projects that require moving a more limited number of loads.
  6. We are partners with one of the country’s best asset-based trucking companies. Halvor Logistics is proud to work closely with our sister company, Halvor Lines, Inc.. With more than 750 trucks in their fleet and nearly 2,000 trailers, Halvor Lines has the capacity to help cover Halvor Logistics loads as needed.

Those are just six reasons to try Halvor Logistics for your trucking logistics needs. To find out what we can do for you, call us at (888) 462-4258.