When your shipment doesn’t require a full truck

At Halvor Logistics, we offer the flexibility of making smaller shipments through less than truckload (LTL) and partial load services. Our goal: to find the most reliable, cost-effective transportation options for your freight. Here’s how it works:

How does LTL shipping work?

With LTL shipments, you are paying to use a portion of the space of a semi-trailer. Your goods will be transported in the same trailer or on the same flatbed as goods from other companies with less-than-truckload needs.

What kind of companies benefit most from using LTL?

Generally, this type of shipping is used most by small and mid-sized businesses with shipments that are too big to ship through U.S. mail or other parcel carriers.

How much does LTL shipping cost?

LTL shipping rates are determined by several factors, including weight, product dimensions and the distance your freight needs to be shipped. For a full look at what impacts rates, check out the National Motor Freight Carrier’s Association freight classes, which are the standard for calculating shipping rates.

While the per-unit price might be higher with LTL than full truckload, the overall cost will generally be lower with LTL because you are not using full truckload services.

How do I make the most of LTL shipping services?

First, make sure your goods are packed efficiently, weighed correctly and are designated in the correct freight class.

Second, find an LTL shipping partner that takes the time to understand your business and your shipping needs. An ideal shipping partner will be able to track your shipments using the latest technology, so you have the confidence your freight will arrive at the customer on time. And because shipping always faces factors like weather, unpredictable traffic and more, you want to find a partner that will communicate with you when things come up.

Our Halvor Logistics freight brokers combine the best of both worlds. They are easy to reach via email and phone, and back their service with leading-edge tracking and reporting technology that offers transparent information to help you monitor the shipping end of your business operations.

If you’re looking for a solid LTL partner, reach out today using the quote button below.