Halvor Logistics is a third-party logistics (3PL) provider serving the continental U.S., Canada and Mexico. Along with our 5,000 carrier partners and with additional support from asset-based carrier Halvor Lines, Inc., we offer logistics management services for dry van, refrigerated, flatbed, less than truckload (LTL) and specialized shipments.

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What is a logistics freight broker?

While most everyone knows that semi-trucks move the bulk of goods across the U.S. and Canada, there’s also a good chance most people don’t know the difference between an asset-based trucking company and a logistics freight broker like Halvor Logistics. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Asset-based carriers either own their own fleet of trucks and trailers or they sign exclusive contracts with owner operators who haul only for that company. Halvor Lines, Inc., our sister company is an example of this.

Freight brokers like Halvor Logistics are intermediaries between shippers and carriers. Logistics freight brokers do not own trucks and trailers. Instead, we act as match makers between companies that need to move freight and independent trucking companies or owner operators looking for work.

What freight brokers do

  • Freight brokers are matchmakers. We connect businesses (shippers) who need goods moved carriers (trucking companies or owner-operators) in a good position to haul that freight.
  • Freight brokers negotiate shipping rates. Brokers work to find the best balance between what shippers want to pay for shipping and rates truckers will accept to move loads.
  • Freight brokers coordinate all aspects of freight shipments. This includes scheduling pickups and deliveries, tracking shipments, and resolving issues, like weather or traffic delays, that come up during transport.
  • Freight brokers keep things compliant. A solid logistics freight broker makes sure their carrier partners meet all trucking regulations and standards, including licensing, insurance, and safety requirements and laws.
  • Freight brokers are there for their customers and driver partners. At Halvor Logistics, we do this through a thoughtful combination of high-tech apps and high-touch customer service. We pride ourselves on personalized customer support that includes everything from transparent, real-time freight status updates to troubleshooting unexpected delivery challenges.

Why you should consider using a freight broker like Halvor Logistics

  • You’ll have more options for delivering your freight. Unlike contracted shipping with a single carrier, working with a broker means you have access to hundreds or even thousands of trucking companies and owner operators. This makes it easier to find a carrier that can meet your deadlines, budget and other criteria.
  • You can move things on your schedule – even if it’s last minute. Rushing to fill an unexpected order for a top customer, but don’t have the shipping capacity? A broker can find that for you. And they will work to find a price that works for you and the carrier, thanks to negotiating skills built over years in the industry.
  • You can focus on your core business. You have devoted your life to designing and selling the best widgets. That’s amazing — and a great reason to focus on that instead of trying to master shipping logistics, too. Outsourcing your shipping to a broker like Halvor Logistics lets you focus on your core mission without unnecessary distraction and stress.
  • A good freight broker has your back. If you’ve been in business any length of time, you know things will come up with your shipments. When it does, an experienced freight broker will navigate these challenges and work to minimize damage, disruptions or delays that could negatively affect your supply chain operations.

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