On the Go and Growing

Halvor Logistics was founded in 2008 out of efficiency. At the time, we were managing Halvor Lines’ overflow of trucks on the asset side of the business. We managed that line so well, that we thought we could help others do it. We quickly became the sole logistics provider for a snowmobile customer. From there, we created Halvor Logistics and the business took off from there.

We started with one location in Superior, WI. Since then, we’ve grown to operate four locations around the country, with 5,000 carrier partners. Thanks to our trusted carriers, our logistics management services cover 48 U.S. states, Canada and Mexico.

As a logistics partner, Halvor Logistics can offer full transportation management software and systems. We work very closely with Halvor Lines, with 400 assets just down the street, along with all of our carrier partners.