On the surface, finding a reliable shipping carrier seems like it should be easy. After all, a shipping carrier’s job is to transport goods from one location to another. How tough can it be to make sure your freight gets from point A to point B?

Unfortunately, many companies have horror stories of late shipments, missed shipments, or a transport warehouse filled with goods that aren’t moving like they should. The good news – you can minimize this risk by finding a shipper who can check all of these boxes for you:

  1. Does this shipping carrier or logistics broker service your delivery locations? We know this sounds obvious, but confirming that prospective shippers have carriers and/or lanes in all of the regions where your customers and transport warehouses are located is step #1.

    If you’re moving freight cross-country or into Canada or Mexico, you’ll want to confirm that the broker has a driver (or drivers) to get your freight from the freight warehouse of origin to your receiver.

    There are times your best option will be an asset-based carrier, like Halvor Lines, Inc., where you contract for set numbers of loads per week or month. Other times, you may be better off using a freight broker like Halvor Logistics, where you can quickly scale truck counts up or down. Logistics brokers also have the connections to help you quickly service a new region of the country

    When you work with companies that partner to deliver both services as needed, you’ve hit a true sweet spot. If this interests you, we’d love to talk.
  2. Does this carrier have drivers and equipment that meets my needs? Making kitchen cabinets? You’ll most likely transport that in a dry van. Hand-cranked ice cream or craft beer? You’ll need a refrigerated / temperature-controlled trailer. Moving heavy or oversized equipment? You’ll want someone with knowledge of flatbed trailers and the skills to move these specialized loads.
  3. Does the broker offer freight tracking and visibility? A good carrier or broker will be able to give you real-time updates on your freight shipments. Halvor Lines and Halvor Logistics take that one step further by offering customer reporting on key issues like freight volume and on-time delivery.\
  4. Does the carrier have a good reputation? When you include independent owner operators, there are literally thousands of shipping carriers you can choose from. The key is finding one that will pick up and deliver your goods on time, undamaged and with professionalism that your customers will remember.

    In an industry that sees carriers and brokers come and go, longevity is one indicator of a company’s reliability. Halvor Logistics has been serving clients since 2008, and it’s sister company, Halvor Lines, has been hauling freight since 1968. Halvor Lines has also won numerous safety and customer service awards and is a 12-time winner of Best Fleets To Drive For and a member of the Best Fleets Hall of Fame.
  5. Technology is great, but when you need a real person, does your broker have people you can talk to? Automated tracking systems are great when everything is going well, but if weather, traffic or manufacturing mishaps delay your freight, who do you talk to? At Halvor Lines and Halvor Logistics, we pride ourselves on providing the right combination of high-tech and high-touch communication. If you need to connect with a real human, we are just an email or phone call away.

If you’re looking for a shipping carrier or broker with decades of experience in transportation logistics, contact us today.